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Create Developments is bringing forward revised proposals for a new hotel development at land to the north of Circle Court, Barton Road, Stretford.


Our original planning application was considered by Trafford Council earlier this year. Our new proposals have been shaped by the feedback we received from the local community and stakeholders for our original planning application. We have spent time considering and reflecting on the feedback we received and have revised our plans accordingly.


Before we submit a detailed planning application to Trafford Council, we want to hear the views of the local community. Let us know what you think about our revised proposals– what do you like about the plans? Is there anything you would change about the plans? Are there any particular issues you want to ensure that we consider?


Current social distancing guidelines mean we are unable to host an in-person consultation event. Therefore, our consultation website includes a Virtual Exhibition page . At our virtual exhibition, you will find a virtual exhibition room with information boards providing more details about the proposals.


Our consultation website also includes a proposals overview page for your convenience, to view please click here.


Once you have viewed our proposals, you can submit your feedback through our online form, or if you prefer, you can have your say via a method listed on our contact information.


All feedback received during our consultation will be logged and reviewed to help shape the final plans before a detailed planning application is submitted to Trafford Council. All comments should be received no later than Tuesday, 24th November 2020 to ensure they can be taken into consideration before the final plans are submitted to the Council.


We look forward to hearing from you.

All feedback received during our consultation will be logged and reviewed to help shape the final plans before a detailed planning application is submitted to Trafford Council. All comments should be received no later than Tuesday, 24th November 2020 to ensure they can be taken into consideration before the final plans are submitted to the Council.

Our proposals

For your convenience, we have provided a summary of our proposals. For more in-depth information about the plans please click here to visit our virtual exhibition.

Site layout (click image for a larger view)
Site location (click image for a larger view)

We have listened to the feedback received from the local community and local stakeholders on our original proposals. We have made significant changes to the scheme to address the points raised. Our new proposals will now deliver:

A new, high quality hotel development operated by an internationally recognised brand

The height of the hotel building has been reduced by two storeys and the number of bedrooms within the building have been reduced by 25%. The proposed hotel would now be seven storeys and contain 147 bedrooms.


We have increased the number of car parking spaces by 20. Our proposals will now deliver 147 car parking spaces, providing a space for each bedroom. All car parking spaces to be lost to the hotel development will be replaced by Trafford Housing Trust.

This image shows how we have revised our plans to reduce the height and massing of the hotel building, compared to the original planning application.
View from Barton Clough

The regeneration of a vacant, disused brownfield site

Our proposals will regenerate this disused site and deliver a development the local community can be proud of. As part of our proposals, the modern, high quality building design will be accompanied by new areas of landscaping and planting. Our revised plans will retain up to six trees on site.


We will also be working with the Circle Court Residents Association and Trafford Housing Trust to provide community landscaping, such as a new community wellbeing garden, which is separate to this application.


Our proposals include appropriate visibility splays to ensure safe entry and exit to the site.

An economic boost to the local area

The creation of new jobs is particularly important during this time of increasing anticipated economic hardship and unemployment as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Our proposals will create new jobs during the construction phase and once the hotel is operational. The plans will also benefit the local supply chain during the construction phase.


The hotel will attract more people to visit the local area, which will in turn lead to more footfall and increased local spending in nearby shops and businesses.


Please visit our virtual exhibition for further details about the scheme. If you have any questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page. To submit your feedback, please visit our online feedback form.


If you have any questions about our plans, check below to see our frequently asked questions and answers. For all other questions, please visit our contact page.

What are you proposing?

Create Developments is bringing forward revised proposals for the development of a seven-storey hotel with associated access, parking and landscaping.


Where is the site?

The site is located between Barton Road and the slip road of Junction 9 of the M60, bordering the roundabout at Lostock Circle. It is adjacent to Circle Court.

Hasn’t this application already been considered by Trafford Council?

The original planning application was refused by Trafford Council in September 2020. Since then, we have reflected on the feedback received by local councillors and the local community and have significantly revised the proposals. Our public consultation is focused on our revised plans.

How will the site be accessed?

Vehicular access will be created off Barton Road.

Have you considered the impact on local roads?

A Transport Assessment is being prepared which will assess the impact the plans will have on the local highway network. It is anticipated that the impact on the local highways network will be negligible.

A Travel Plan is being prepared and will be submitted as part of the planning application. The Travel Plan seeks to promote sustainable transport habits of staff that can contribute to reducing congestion i.e. car sharing to and from work, using public transport or cycling.

Have you considered the impact on the environment?

Our plans will see the retention of six trees on site. A Tree Survey will be submitted as part of our application. The landscaping on site will incorporate new trees, planting and hedges. Tables, benches and planters will also be incorporated around the entranceways.

Will I be affected by construction works?

Create Construction is a Gold Award winner under the national Considerate Constructors scheme and is passionate about minimising disruption and having a positive influence in the community. Local employment will also be generated throughout the construction phase and local businesses will benefit from this.

When would the project start, if approved?

The developer has a proven track record of delivering schemes of this nature and has already signed agreements in place with Hilton and the building contractor, so works will commence within 3-6 months, if plans are approved.

Why are you consulting?

We are committed to engaging with local residents and stakeholders about our plans for the Barton Road site. We want to deliver a high-quality scheme that the local community can be proud of.

How can I comment on the plans?

There are a number of ways you can have a say on our proposals, such as calling the community information line on 0333 358 0502 (Monday to Friday – 9:00am to 5:30pm) or completing a feedback form online. You can also email us at bartonroadhotelconsultation@havingyoursay.co.uk.

Who is Create Developments?

Create Developments is a North West-based company, passionate about redevelopment and regeneration initiatives that can benefit cities and towns in the North-West of the UK. We have a track record of delivering high quality hotel developments. The team at Create Developments and their sister company Create Construction, have brought together their combined experience in managing investments, construction and operation, to develop these proposals.

Contact Us

Our public consultation ran between Tuesday, 10th November 2020 until Tuesday, 24th November 2020. The public consultation has now ended and we are reviewing the feedback received ahead of a planning application being submitted to Trafford Council. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the development team using the following details:


0333 358 0502

(Monday to Friday – 9.00am to 5.30pm)



To view our virtual exhibition and find out more about the proposals, please visit our virtual exhibition page.

Visit our virtual exhibition here